Aircrack-ng rc3 1.2

A collection of free tools that can allow a user to assess the security of their Wi-Fi network.

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    rc3 1.2

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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  • Program license:Free (GPL)
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    7.4 (53)

If you have ever wanted to test out the security of your wireless network, Aircrack-ng is the answer to all you seek. By implementing an FMS attack combined with a KoreK and PTW attack, it collects packets of data until it has enough to piece together your WEP or WPA-PSK keys and crack your passwords. Completely free and supported best by Windows XP, it is continually upgraded and provides users with a vast network of support. Built with many additions that can be used to further test security, it is a highly useful, somewhat complex program that puts your security through a rigorous test.

The self-proclaimed next generation of aircrack, its features include additional supported cards and drivers, the addition of more OS and platforms, the addition of the PTW attack, a full WEP dictionary attack, a fragmentation attack, WPA migration mode, high cracking speed, many new tools and bug fixes from the previous version. When downloaded, the user interface is deceptively simple, providing users with the tabs of the different types of attacks that can be implemented. Simply choose the attack you want, and a list of options will appear. You must choose the encryption type, but the other methods of the attack are up to you. You can determine key size, if you want to use the PTW attack, what the fudge factor is, which KoreK attacks you want to disable and what types of filters you want to put on the key search. All in all, this program can be run with all of its defaults and provide you with an accurate take on your security, but the moment you want to do anything more, the program shows its complexity. Luckily, the website contains a full library and active forum community.

Certainly not the easiest program to master, Aircrack-ng is still an incredibly effective attack simulator that allows you to test out just how strong your security is. Highly customizable and full of tools that can be added depending on how advanced you are in understanding the terminology and script, this application is worth it even if you only want to do the most basic of tests. After that runs, if you still want to pursue anything further, there is more than enough help available to you to aid you in your journey. Aircrack-ng is a very powerful tool even if you only use it at surface level.


  • Free
  • Active support community
  • Constantly updated


  • Becomes complicated very quickly
  • Dictionary is necessary to understand all of the terms

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